PlantarBeam™ & Tower (Wood – Full System)


Almost one-quarter of our body’s bones are in our feet. The foot is indeed a masterpiece of evolution, function, and flow: with 28 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, all working together to provide us with support, balance
and mobility.

PlantarBeam™ designed by sports therapist Gordon Cunningham, allows you to restore, strengthen and improve your control, balance, foot health and movement.

Its simplicity and ease of use are its obvious virtues. Using the PlantarBeam™ helps work on balance, load and range, varying the gradients to increase or decrease the level of ‘work’ required. This is of particular benefit to those with a restricted range of movement, who may otherwise struggle with floor work.

The PlantarBeam™ will help you safely work through your own individual challenges and direct your body toward better function, better movement while lessening compensation elsewhere.

This is the full version with 1.2m Beam, Plantar foot and our robust Clinic Tower stand.

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