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The new Activ Survival Guide!

Introducing Activ Ingredients. A recipe for a simply better life. All too often we tell ourselves that big improvements require quite dramatic changes in our lives. We tend to ignore the ingredients; the small things we can change that are key to our success. What we eat gives us energy and helps fuel our lives. However, it is important that we remain in control of this process. Activ ingredients is a guide that shows you how to make small changes to how and when you eat. It is practical and simple to use. It distills the most fundamental knowledge about nutrition so you can have fun, explore and accomplish more by focusing on less. With Activ Ingredients you become the master and creator in your own kitchen. It helps you exact maximum rewards for minimal efforts. You can play around, pick and choose what you’d like to try, wherever, whenever and with whoever you choose.

Survival guide to nutrition.

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