Personal Trainer
Headshot of Caroline Cunningham

After a varied career spanning 20 years Caroline decided to progress her long-standing passion for health and fitness to a professional level and become a personal trainer.

Over the past 12 years she has been encouraging clients to realise their potential and achieve realistic goals. She can offer support and advice on healthy lifestyle and stress management and has a special interest in the link between physical and mental health.

Caroline has a mature, warm and welcoming personality, she’s cares about her clients, many of whom have specific medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and cancer and some who have had joint replacement surgeries, but mostly just everyday people who want to feel better about themselves.

You can expect her sessions to be fun and varied, designed to keep you motivated and focus on the inevitable, that health and fitness is and should be a way of life.

Caroline says… ”Just move… your body and mind will thank you”