At Activ, we tailor all of our personal training programmes specifically for each individual depending on requirements and goals set.

Your body is your ‘unique shell’ and we specialise on improving that mould through functional training that carries into everyday life. We help you learn how to appreciate and use your body to its full potential.

Activ has worked with teachers, doctors, drivers and athletes from the sporting world providing professional advice and services for many years.

Whether returning to fitness from an injury, losing weight or gaining further knowledge we can provide the tools necessary to achieve fast, effective and lasting results. During initial stages, each of our clients is taken through a postural assessment to discover issues of over- or under-active muscles which can lead to an imbalance in the body’s structure. We then progress with a bespoke fitness programme which focuses on achievable targets. Our programmes are scientifically proven and we also provide nutrition and lifestyle advice on how you can fuel your body to increase energy levels and motivational drive.