Personal Trainer

Health, fitness and sport have always been a passion for Tom. Involved in a variety of sports as a youngster, Tom started playing rugby at age 15 and within the year was playing at County and Regional levels. He continued to play rugby throughout school and at the University of Aberdeen, where he obtained his MA in Economics. This led to a brief career in accountancy before making the career change towards his passion in sport and fitness.

As a vegan, nutrition plays a massive role in Tom’s life and his simple philosophies on food help his clients to fuel themselves optimally, perform better and recover stronger. He instils the importance of nutrition onto his clients and helps them understand that it is a vital aspect of reaching any fitness goal: be it aesthetic or performance based or, more importantly, for longevity and health.Tom helps to encourage and motivate his clients with a positive outlook on health and fitness. He takes pride in educating his clients throughout their personal health and fitness journey; ensuring that they reach their goals whilst developing their own knowledge along the way.

Tom incorporates evidence-based training that is tailored to his individual clients needs. Training is carried out in a fun and creative way to ensure that each session is both challenging and enjoyable. When training with Tom you will improve your fitness as well as your physical and mental well-being.