Personal Trainer
Mark Brownlie

Mark comes from a background of working with vulnerable people, particularly with adults in the field of mental health. Mark has built up a great understanding of how to talk, support and empathise with others as a result. As a coach he will build upon your resilience by tapping into your individual strengths, shift your mindset and your understanding of health, fitness and wellbeing.

Mark is also an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and believes everyone should have the equal opportunity to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Mark first got into strength training at the age of 19 and has since utilised this concretely as a means of therapy within his own life – getting stronger and fitter along the way. Mark then became qualified as a Personal Trainer with the goal to help others to do the same. Mark specialises in building strength and muscle through compound weightlifting as well as breaking down barriers related to anxiety within a gym environment,

Mark believes in transparency – an open dialogue when it comes to working with his clients, he believes chatting about life hurdles and anxieties is part of the process as much as nutrition and exercise. You can expect Mark’s sessions to be about tapping into your strengths, building upon these and reflecting back on what you’ve achieved – expect to shift some heavy weights and walk away feeling stronger, fitter and more confident!

Mark is fun, quirky, empathetic and approachable – you can never miss him, because he’s always training in bright and colourful socks!

Mark says – “I believe that teamwork, reflection and building resilience is a recipe for success – working together I believe anyone can achieve their goals.”