Seasonal Flow Yoga

with Flo & Glen

Seasonal yoga is founded on the principal that we are part of nature and therefore allows us to adapt our practice to promote health on every level. Seasonal yoga teaches you how to change your practice with the seasons, encouraging physical, mental and emotional health. With the use of postures and breathing techniques, the practice purifies the body and mind. Seasonal is restoring and physical. For all levels.


These classes will gently work and strengthen the body, whilst calming and clearing the mind. The aims of these classes are to discover and find the link between the use of breath and movement whilst transferring through Asanas (postures). Each class will, test your strength and balance, will focus on allowing your mind to clear and become peaceful whilst becoming aware of the breath, and finally understanding the energy channels through Bandha practice. Each class will end with either a meditation or relaxation period, where you will be gently guided using a tranquil process to allow time and silence to explore the inner environment of our bodies and minds.